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Hi. I am Alex.  During my career i have been worked with C++, C#, Python, Java, Dart and many other computer languages. This site is a placeholder for my current & future personal projects


Jaangle main screen


Jaangle is a music player and organizer that i have built a long time ago. Some secondary functions do not work properly anymore but if you want something to organize and play fast & efficiently in your Windows PC then look no further. It was written in C++/MFC back in the 00s.

It can retrieve info from internet such as lyrics, album reviews, album covers, artist biographies, artist pictures (more to come). It keeps history of the files you play, lets you review statistics and generates a personal hitlist based on which songs you listen to most. It features an ID3v2 tagger (and mass tagger) and an easy to use renamer (and mass renamer) with preview.

It helps you discover tracks in your vast music collection with features like auto-continue or by playing the music quiz. As a music organizer it lets you catalog Hard Disks, Network drives, Data CDs/DVDs, AudioCD (with auto CDDB – FreeDB support), USB memory sticks, mp3 players in a friendly way.

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